How to Create a Website

How to Create a Website

Do you need a web site made? Are you having trouble building it? We have one of the best tools to help you build your web site and professionals to assist you with SEO services upon completion.

How to create a website: What you stand to gain from our system

  • #1: Professional support once the site is up and running. Often people begin building web sites and soon after abandon these projects. The reason is quite simple – you may have forgotten to give due attention to technical aspects. Without on and off-page SEO your website may not perform quite as well as you anticipated.
  • #2: Platform specific: There are many good web design kits today and some are much better than others. WordPress for instance is the power house behind millions of blogs and even corporate sites such as Our platform delivers quality solutions that will work just as well on any platform.
  • #3: Reliable support through email: Though we are a small company we are very committed to our client’s success. It is for this reason that we offer email support to all our clients. We realize that consulting can be expensive and are working hard to offer you a comprehensive package right from web construction to SEO.

The Three Steps to your new website

  • #1: Select a platform: There are various suitable platforms we avail to help you build the website. The choice is between WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Once you have enquired and chosen a platform you can move to step 2.
  • #2: Selecta Host and Domain Name: You should while selecting a domain name remember that shorter or easy to memorize domains always work better. If your preferred name is already in use then you should try cutting it into meaningful terms e.g. instead of you could choose

With the domain name selected you should then consider the host. Among the main issues you want the host to ensure is 24/7 support, affordable, few server crashes, and of course a large amount of space for your files.

  • #3: Setup design and Tweak your web site: This set was the motivation for establishing the website. In working with other clients we realized that building and tweaking took too much time. It would be better to let the business owner build the site, test it and then allow us to optimize and do the SEO work.

If you have never used CMS (content management systems – such as WordPress) do not skim through this step. It is always good even if you have an IT tech guy on board to know how to perform basic tasks such as posting blogs.

Final words

There are so many people working and selling products/services online today. There are several very good DIY tools that can be used to get you going. However, when thinking about how to create a website there is a lot more to making it real and working optimally. We offer you the web design platform and are close by to offer advanced SEO and optimization services.

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